Maggie Kelly only ever wanted a quiet life. She came from out east, looking for a fresh start, and somehow ended up worse off than before...
Bytown is an ebook series about Ottawa's darkest days in the 1830s.
Episodes are released monthly, and can be read on your e-reader, phone or desktop.
NOTE: Due to my ongoing health issues, episodes 8 and 9 will be delayed. I will post updates as soon as I have a reliable timeline. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Late 2020
    Episode 8 COMING SOON
Late 2020
    Episode 9 COMING SOON


Is this a true story?

A shocking number of the people, places and events in the story are real, but no, it's fiction. I've adapted some outrageous true events from the era for new purposes, though. Only because a straight retelling would seem way too over-the-top to be believed.

Who are you?

I'm MCM and I am a Daytime Emmy-nominated screenwriter and novelist. I created the TV series RollBots and have written and/or ghostwritten over a dozen books across many genres. I am doing this because I am clearly insane.

Why are you doing this?

I really want to tell the story, and the story demands a certain format, and this is how things shook out. Just be glad the story didn't demand an epic poem, because my poems suck.

I found a mistake!

Big or small, email me and let me know. Thank you!

Why did you change format?

I previously released a chapter of Bytown every Monday, Wedesday and Friday, which shook out to one episode a month. Two things have changed since I started: coronavirus made that schedule hard to maintain (strangely, I have less time than before...) and secondly, a not-insignificant number of readers asked for ebook versions. This new strategy allows me more time to get things exactly right, and lets you read on the device of your choosing.

What does Maggie look like?

Fun fact: I have this thing called aphantasia, which means I don't have a visual imagination. Which is to say: I have no idea what my characters look like, except for whatever details I analytically choose to describe. So Maggie looks exactly the way you picture her, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Incidentally, if you are artistically-inclined, I am consistently dazzled by fan art. Post to social media and tag me and I will lavish you with praise.


B-Sides are stories that take place in the world of Bytown, outside of the main storyline. I add them on send me an email with what you'd like to see!

April 30, 2020


A younger Maggie makes a friend in need of help
April 23, 2020

McClintock's Man

Roland is confronted with ruin, and adapts.
April 16, 2020

He's a Hero

Mr Trinket goes on a mission.
April 09, 2020

First Impulses

Béatrice's day gets off to a rocky start.
April 02, 2020

Chausson aux pommes

Émile's first days in Bytown yield fresh surprises.
March 26, 2020

Three Meals

Maggie and Rían's life, as told through three vignettes.
March 19, 2020


A new logdriver struggles to find his place in the treacherous world of Bytown.
March 12, 2020

What Needs Doing

Liam struggles with memories of paths not taken, and loves lost.
March 05, 2020

Just Passing Through

Colleen makes a new best friend, and is determined to keep her that way, despite the odds.

Print Editions

Coming soon: Bytown: Volume I. The 450-page behemoth includes:

  • The first 3 episodes;
  • The B-Sides so far;
  • A brief history of Bytown;
  • Maps!

The book will be available in trade paperback and via your favourite ebook sites. Stay tuned for ordering info!


If you'd like to get in contact with me for any reason whatsoever, feel free to send me an email. If you want to be notified about updates to Bytown (new episodes, big news etc) fill in the form below.

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